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Please contact us if you think your video should be on G8-TV.
We are working on a documentation on Howto do G8-TV - it is a wiki, feel free to to enhance and add things.

Video filming and editing

We divided our basics for videos on G8-TV in two categories:

1) Basics

- G8-TV is not be a platform to make demands to the G8, because the G8 is totaly illegitimate.
- political activists must be made irrecognisable in the video, except they agreed in showing their identity.
- G8-TV does not sell any video-material to anyone. If media is interested and if we know the author of a clip we will make the contact however.

2) what we wish

- please provide short clips of about 3 - 5 minutes. If you have a lot of material which can not be put into 3 minutes than make several clips. we can put them together in a topic (a clip series) on the page, describing what the clip series is about and what the viewer can expect in each clip.
- please submit videos which have a clear content and context: what is happening when and where, why and by whom. A three minute clip with short sequences of a demonstration against the G8 can be nice and collorful, however, it is more interesting when it becomes clear why these people are there and what they want to achieve with their activities.
- please agree to give (copies of) your material to the legal team. Video-evidence has been very effectiv in the Genoa-proceedings.
-and please agree to give (copies of) your material to indymedia, to make a collective documentation.

Here you find Thoughts on filming | How-to-garbel

Logos for download: G8-TV logo big download | logo 2 | logo 3 | logo 4

use this settings to encode your video to OGG:
ffmpeg2theora --optimize -x 480 -y 384 -V 950 -A 48 -o outputfilename.ogg inputfilename.avi

More information: G8-TV materials.

Public Screenings

Arrange public screenings! Catch a beamer and a laptop, an aggregate and a sound system and set it up!
Projector-friendly versions of the videos are available for download on the website.

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