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(download: format 16:9) http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1735&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1735&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Block G8 - in the morning Thu, 07 Jun 2007 20:46:48 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1774&Vlang=eng L12, before the east gate to Heiligendamm, 7.6.07 - One of two mass blockades of the Campaign Block G8 -- part 4.1 (download: format 16:9) http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1774&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1774&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: 2nd blockade in Hinter Bollhagen Thu, 07 Jun 2007 19:00:00 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1778&Vlang=eng 2nd version // (download: format 16:9) - Hinter Bollhagen (eastern gate to Heiligendamm), 7.6.07 - mass blockade, 12:15-14:00 - Thousands of peaceful demonstrators are attacked immediately with water cannons. After five hours they withdraw, attacked from 9 water cannons. The east gate was blocked successfully... by the police. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1778&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1778&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: barricades, helis, hammocks Thu, 07 Jun 2007 17:09:30 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1736&Vlang=eng between Vorder Bollhagen and the Block G8-blockade on L12 at the east gate, 7.6.07, approx. 4:30-6 p.m.. (download: format 16:9) http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1736&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1736&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: Red Zone, Gate East, Galopprenbahn - June 7, 2007 Thu, 07 Jun 2007 17:05:30 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1734&Vlang=eng Also on the second day of the blockades, thousands of people are on the streets and on the fields to block the G8 summit. The West Gate is cleared with massive violance. At the East gate the blockade remains. The situation at the east gate around 21.30. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1734&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1734&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org snippets: Using pepperspray on sitting people Thu, 07 Jun 2007 17:02:30 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1742&Vlang=eng During the use of water cannons at the blockage in Hinter Bollhagen a cop feels unobserved and uses pepperspray on a sitting person. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1742&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1742&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org snippets: naked violence Thu, 07 Jun 2007 17:01:30 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1731&Vlang=eng A Group of 30 naked people tries to walk up to the fence and is stopped by the police. "Those who touch us are perverted!" they shout at the heavily uniformed cops. They use pepperspray at the naked rioters. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1731&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1731&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Police action at convergence center Thu, 07 Jun 2007 16:58:38 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1730&Vlang=eng The Police blocked the convergence center in the evening of 2007-06-07 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1730&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1730&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: after a night blocading Thu, 07 Jun 2007 16:01:30 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1733&Vlang=eng The blockade at Rettwich (consisting of 2000 people) did hold during the night. A doctor (at the demonstration ) remarked that there was a a lot of support (or solidarity) from the local. The bad attitude towards the demonstrators prevailing at the beginning of the protest has changed. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1733&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1733&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: monkey cage Thu, 07 Jun 2007 16:00:00 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1739&Vlang=eng Impressions of the GeSa Rostock (temporary prison) http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1739&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1739&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: G8: Blockade in Hinter Bollhagen at the 07.06.2007 Thu, 07 Jun 2007 13:12:21 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1775&Vlang=eng At the 07.06.07 ca. 2-3000 People gathered near the "West-Gate" To block it. The mood was hilarious and peaceful. There were many colorful Actions. The day before, there was a successful Blockade at the same Gate, wich was violently cleared by the Police. On that day, too... http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1775&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1775&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Block G8 - around midnight Thu, 07 Jun 2007 12:02:02 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1768&Vlang=eng L12 at the east gate to Heiligendamm, 7.6.07 - one of two mass blockades of the campaign Block G8 -- part 3. (download: format 16:9) http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1768&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1768&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: General Repression Thu, 07 Jun 2007 10:16:10 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1737&Vlang=eng Report about Kavala and sanctions by the police against demonstrators. A Lawyer of the emergency service describes occurrences of the last days (5.6.). http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1737&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1737&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: annihilation of capital in the periphery Thu, 07 Jun 2007 07:51:52 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1732&Vlang=eng Thomas Fritz of Research and Documentation Centre Chile Latin America explains how the industrial countries enforce that financial crisises with all their disastrous consequences break out in the developping countries, not in the rich countries. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1732&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1732&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org G8-TV live: G8-TV live 7. June 2007 Thu, 07 Jun 2007 01:59:59 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1740&Vlang=eng Blockades continue -Alternative Summit - GeSa - legal team - blockade lasts second day - Interview Wangui Mbatia http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1740&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1740&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org