G8-Mobilisation - topic@g8-tv.org http://g8-tv.org/topic.php?clipId=219&Vlang=eng What happened before 2 June 2007? kanalB.org - http://kanalb.org/faq.php#jus G8-Mobilisation - topic@g8-tv.org http://g8-tv.org/media/spezial-G-8_Treffen_in_Heiligendamm/mobilisation.gif http://g8-tv.org/topic.php?clipId=219&Vlang=eng 140 140 topic: G8-Mobilisation Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:16:10 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/topic.php?clipId=219&Vlang=eng What happened before 2 June 2007? http://g8-tv.org/topic.php?clipId=219&Vlang=eng topic http://g8-tv.org/topic.php?clipId=219&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: bike carawan the g8-shakies Sun, 03 Jun 2007 02:05:20 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1771&Vlang=eng Basically we began in Budapest in April. We are a group of people with roughly the same political view. We are an anarchist group. It has been a great experience, really for filling. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1771&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1771&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Taking over of the Bombodrome Fri, 01 Jun 2007 23:00:00 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1702&Vlang=eng Pink is the color of resistance in Brandenburg. Locals and travellers, who pass the site on their way to the G8 in Heiligendamm, take over the compound and occupy a watch tower of the military. Within minutes it's dull grey exterior turns into a bright pink. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1702&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1702&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Bombodrom settlement Fri, 01 Jun 2007 13:00:00 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1792&Vlang=eng (download: format 16:9) - Kyritz-Ruppiner Heide (80 km northwest of Berlin) - planned bombing area 'Bombodrom', 1.6.07 - demonstrators leave the demoroute and are entering the military security area to protest against his use by the german armed forces and NATO-soldiers till the next morning. german military policemen withdraw and observe. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1792&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1792&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Lebenslaute in Bomobodrom Fri, 01 Jun 2007 13:00:00 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1793&Vlang=eng (download: format 16:9) - Kyritz-Ruppiner Heide (80 km north-west of Berlin) - planned bombing area 'Bombodrom', 1.6.07 - 'Lebenslaute' are instrumentalists and singers. Their action forms: concert blockades and concert occupations. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1793&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1793&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Action at bombodrome Fri, 01 Jun 2007 12:57:19 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1713&Vlang=eng Action against militaristic policy of G8. At 4pm, Friday 1st June 2007, 700 anti-war activists started a new settlement in two places on the planned bombing range at the Kyritz-Ruppiner Heide. The former command tower was painted in anti-militaristic pink, accompanied by a performance by musicians from "Lebenslaute" and over 100 clowns. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1713&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1713&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: Hedonists International in train to Rostock Fri, 01 Jun 2007 10:48:51 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1684&Vlang=eng Short interview with one of "Hedonists international" at train to rostock http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1684&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1684&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: Climbing against EADS and G8 Fri, 01 Jun 2007 10:22:45 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1687&Vlang=eng On the 1st of June a group of climbing activists put up the banner against armament exports at the Kröpeliner Gate in Rostock, as they already did at the House of Shipping. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1687&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1687&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Climbing action at the EADS-Office in Rostock Thu, 31 May 2007 16:58:24 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1682&Vlang=eng At may 31st climbing activists from «Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft - Vereinigte KriegsdienstgegnerInnen (DFG-VK)» (German Peace Society - War Resisters Federation) mounted a banner against the export of arms at «Haus der Schiffahrt» (House of Navy) where the Rostock EADS office is located. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1682&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1682&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-film: movement moves itself Thu, 31 May 2007 10:53:32 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1676&Vlang=eng The film confronts writings by Niklas Luhmann und Slavoj Zizek with recorded material from the global protest movement and works on the analysis of the anti-globalization movement. (Berlin 2003) http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1676&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1676&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: stealing bicycles Tue, 29 May 2007 13:34:37 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1677&Vlang=eng A convoy on the way to build up the anti G8 camp in Wichmannsdorf was stopped and searched by the police. The convoy of 15 trucks, busses and vans with the material for the camp infrastructure was stopped and the ID's of all peple were taken. First the police did not explain their reason, then they came up with one: looking for bicycles which might have been stolen...after 5 hours the convoy was allowed to continue. May, 29th 2007 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1677&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1677&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Police stops Wichmannsdorf convoy Tue, 29 May 2007 03:49:04 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1683&Vlang=eng Police stop a convoy going to Camp Wichmannsdorf. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1683&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1683&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Demo 26/5/07 against the educational policy of the G8 Sat, 26 May 2007 20:36:47 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1674&Vlang=eng "We should not have to pay to obtain knowledge, knowledge should be available for free and should be passed on unconditionally" http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1674&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1674&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Demonstration in Berlin against g8 Sat, 26 May 2007 02:58:32 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1675&Vlang=eng On Saturday 26.05.2007 was a demonstration against the politics of education of the G8 in Berlin Kreuzberg. The slogan of the demonstration was to heckle the politics of the g8. Demonstrators explain what they hate about the politics of G8. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1675&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1675&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-film: Hamburg: Arrested for a projection Wed, 23 May 2007 20:30:47 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1680&Vlang=eng [...] In Hamburg I got arrested because of a video projection on the TV Tower criticising the G8, my equipment got confiscated. It isn't worth mentioning compared with the police actions like raids, the violation of secrecy of letter and the imprisonments during demos, all of which has happend in Hamburg so far. But it's showing once more that peaceful protest isn't tolerated and that really any protest is being criminalised. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1680&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1680&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: Block G8 - draught mass blockade Tue, 22 May 2007 18:16:41 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1672&Vlang=eng Berlin, 22.5.07 - Benjamin Laumeyer (Interventionistische Linke) explains the concept of the announced mass blockade of the campaign Block G8 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1672&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1672&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Great demo, 2nd June: press conference Tue, 22 May 2007 01:06:13 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1671&Vlang=eng Great demo, 2nd June in Rostock - - Berlin, 22.5.2007: 2nd press conference of the Preparatory alliance - with: Alexis Passadakis (World trade campaign "Gerechtigkeit Jetzt!"), Benjamin Laumeyer (Interventionistische Linke), Martina Wasserloos-Strunk (Reformierter Bund) and Werner Rätz (Attac Deutschland) http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1671&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1671&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Blockade training - sign language Sat, 19 May 2007 21:12:26 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1670&Vlang=eng Blockade training of the campaign Block G8 - Berlin, 19.5.07 - sign language http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1670&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1670&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Blockade training - Technologies Sat, 19 May 2007 21:12:01 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1669&Vlang=eng Blockade training of the campaign Block G8 - Berlin, 19.5.07 - Technologies http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1669&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1669&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: Blockade training - comment Sat, 19 May 2007 20:27:28 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1668&Vlang=eng Blockade training of the campaign Block G8 - Berlin, 19.5.07 - comment of a person present http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1668&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1668&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Blockade training - press conference Sat, 19 May 2007 20:27:06 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1667&Vlang=eng Blockade training of the campaign Block G8 - Berlin, 19.5.07 - press conference http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1667&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1667&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-film: NO G8-Movieclip Fri, 18 May 2007 01:06:13 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1649&Vlang=eng [...] We thougt the writing NO G8 on the ruin of Boergerende close to Heiligendamm so intensely big, that a short film about the "Making of" was the result of it. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1649&Vlang=eng video: short-film http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1649&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org musicvideo: zombi Thu, 17 May 2007 13:26:36 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1678&Vlang=eng musicclip zombi outtake from the videoproject real remants from bankleer, music conexion musical http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1678&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1678&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: La Via Campesina Fri, 11 May 2007 12:40:24 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1638&Vlang=eng This video clip introduces the worldwide network of (small) farmers, the landless or displaced, farm workers and indigenous people. It gives a brief impression on why the issue of agriculture is of such central importance in times of globalisation. Via Campesina has 200 million members. The clip was produced in context of the Action Network Global Agriculture and will be shown on protest events before, during and after the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1638&Vlang=eng video: short-docu http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1638&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Protest March against Raids and Criminalising Political Activists Wed, 09 May 2007 00:06:13 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1651&Vlang=eng Police raided about 40 buildings and offices in Germany on Wednesday morning, 9th May, including social centres, book shops, archives and several private homes (shared flats and house projects), as well as the alternative web provider so36.net. A solidarity demonstration has taken place in Berlin Kreuzberg that evening, and this is what the clip is about. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1651&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1651&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org snippets: press conference on the raids Wed, 09 May 2007 00:03:13 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1654&Vlang=eng Berlin, New York im Bethanien, 9.5.2007, - Herrmann Bach (Umbruch Bildarchiv e.V.) - Tim Laumeyer (Antifaschistische Linke Berlin, ALB) - Christof (Vorstandsmitglied so36.net) - Lawyer Christoph Kliesing (on the jurudical implications) - Lawyer Sven Lindemann (suspect and defender on the 'militante gruppe') http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1654&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1654&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: Anti-Nuclear-Walk along the Fence in Heiligendamm Sun, 29 Apr 2007 15:18:52 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1646&Vlang=eng On sunday, 29. april 2007, about 200-300 people made a protest walk in the area of Heiligendamm to commemorate the 21. anniversary of the Tchernobyl reactor catastrophe and to point to the connection among G8, uranium mining and atomic energy. About equal in numbers, the police were visibly present, too. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1646&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1646&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org snippet: G8- does it regard me? Fri, 30 Mar 2007 17:01:03 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1624&Vlang=eng the g8 summit takes place in Heiligendamm / Germany this year. but what do the citizens know about it and do they think it regards them? http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1624&Vlang=eng video: snippet http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1624&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org interview: configurate g8 ? Fri, 30 Mar 2007 16:06:00 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1623&Vlang=eng >>organise globalisation<< is the new mission statement in politics concerning globalisation. political scientist Michael Heinrich explains the background of this. the film provides a basis for discussion on analysing the capitalistic world order in its main features, on transformation, crisis, fight - and not least - what G8 has got to do with it. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1623&Vlang=eng video: interview http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1623&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org animation: G8 Repression (english & german) Sun, 14 Jan 2007 17:50:27 +0100 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1648&Vlang=eng 20min Clip about German Police Strategies, especially for the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm, and especially for people who do not know the german law yet. It is a screenable quality version with english and german audio track - yes, all in one file! Just open it with VLC and chose menu item "audio". Organize public screenings! http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1648&Vlang=eng video: animation http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1648&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-film: Sea You on G8 Sat, 02 Sep 2006 21:59:19 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1471&Vlang=eng The G8-summit 2007 will take place in Heiligendamm by Rostock . Fight against G8! Sea You, on G8! http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1471&Vlang=eng video: short-film http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1471&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org musicvideo: g8-tv trailer Fri, 01 Sep 2006 02:41:33 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1673&Vlang=eng On http://g8-tv.org up-to-date videoclips of the protests against the conference will be presented every day. A team of translators will provide subtitles in several languages. Additionally there will be a live online newscast from 2 – 8 June daily at 21.00 CET, which resumes the happenings of the day and lets studio guests have their say. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1673&Vlang=eng video: http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1673&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org short-docu: greetings from Heiligendamm Fri, 08 Jul 2005 02:42:33 +0200 http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1130&Vlang=eng the german bath Heiligendamm is hosting the G8-summit 2007; activists unfoald a transparent "fight the G8" in front of the hotel-complex. http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1130&Vlang=eng video: short-docu http://g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1130&Vlang=eng#comment g8-tv.org