About G8-TV

G8-TV - Informations for the Resistance. For all, who cannot be there. For all, whom Mainstream Media doesn't speak to anymore.

G8-TV connects video activist groups and individuals to report on the G8-summit in Heiligendamm.

On http://g8-tv.org up-to-date videoclips of the protests against the conference will be presented every day. A team of translators will provide subtitles in several languages. Additionally there will be a live online newscast from 2 – 8 June daily at 21.00 CET, which resumes the happenings of the day and lets studio guests have their say.

The reports include the protests on the street and the Alternative Summit. We want to inform on the policies of G8, we want to transport the international resistance and search for alternatives as well as the strategies and targets of the protesters.

So far participating:
AK Kraak
Eisbär Kooperative
freundeskreis videoclips
indyvideo Russia
kanalB - replaces current television
KiK-Box - Projektgruppe der UdK Berlin
kinoki now!
trojan tv
as well as many people, who will be filming, edit or translate. The project is open to anyone who wants to join.

To contact us you can use the contact form on this site.